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Georgia allows entry to citizens of France, Germany, Baltic states

Citizens of these countries can visit Georgia unimpededly, but only by plane.

Before visiting Georgia, people will be required to fill our special electronic questionnaires that will state specific data, history of trips in the past 14 days and their itinerary in Georgia.

If citizens of these countries visited 14 days prior to visiting Georgia countries with a high COVID-19 rate, they will be required to undergo a two-week quarantine.

All arriving people will be checked at airports using thermo screening and they will be offered to undergo PCR tests if they have a high temperature.

Citizens of any country can pay unimpeded business visits to Georgia on condition that they undergo PCR tests for COVID-19 every 72 hours. This condition does not apply to citizens of France, Germany and the Baltic states with which Georgia has opened its air border without any conditions, the press speaker of the Georgian prime minister said.

As to the other EU states that earlier put Georgia on the "green list" of countries with a safe coronavirus situation, but imposed certain restrictions, citizens of these countries can visit Georgia only on condition that they undergo a two-week quarantine at their expense.

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